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Established African is a podcast network that seeks to empower young people in Africa.




Learn from the experts and build and grow your business and brand.


Cultivate self-belief and get the strength to face challenges in your life.


Lively banter and in-depth interviews with industry stakeholders.

Art & Culture

All about art, music, history, philosophy, and captivating true stories.


Get to the depths of your favorite songs and why they’re a hit or miss.


Ideological viewpoints on the big stories dominating the political scene.



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Wellness Mondays

A show on how humans succumb to and overcome mental health. The show highlights the importance of seeking and pursuing mental health and speaking out when things are not okay. 

Pillars of the show: Entertain, Embrace and Empower.

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Commercial Fridays

An interactive show with business leaders from all over Africa presenting their portfolios and helping spread awareness about new or existing business ventures and giving in-depth knowledge on all things business. 

Pillars of the show: Entertain, Educate and Empower.

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Student of The Game Wednesdays

It’s a show that brings together personalities in the creative industry to share their stories on how they made it while tapping into their talents. The main goal is to highlight to the modern day youth that you can make it in life using your God-given talents.

Pillars of the show: Entertain, Encourage and Educate.

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The Culture of Judgement - The System Behind Our Morals

How can you tell if someone is self righteous? People can become judgmental due to their pride, their hurt, anger of being wronged, and lack of love for others. On this first episode of Wellness Mondays, Danniella Morgan and African Castro talk about this and more.

What’s Next After Retiring As A Talent Manager?

This is the last Wellness Mondays episode for the year 2020, and we are ending it with life lessons from African Castro’s experiences. The year that even professionals couldn’t predict the outcome for the human race. May God bless you all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Is Love Stronger Than Fear?

Who defines love and who decides who you choose to love? We sit down with an LGBTQ community member in Africa to relearn the meaning of love.

How To Start A Business In Kenya

We soaked Business Law knowledge from a credible recognized commercial lawyer from Kenya. We got insights on how a lot of startups, especially in Africa make vital mistakes at the starting phase. This is how you can avoid the mistakes that could stop your business at the establishment phase.

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